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Pennsylvania Car Horse Crash Lawyer Erie County Man Hurt

September 23, 2011

September 24, 2011, CORRY, PA — A Pennsylvania motorist was injured in a Pennsylvania horse collision in Wayne Township Thursday. The Erie County car/horse accident happened near 11 p.m. on Route 426. A Corry man driving a southbound Chevrolet Impala was unable to avoid a horse that ran in front of his car.*

The force of the Pennsylvania horse/car crash was significant. The horse crushed the car’s roof before landing in the road. The driver of the car was taken to Corry Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries arising from the collision with the horse. A passenger in the car was, at least by report, not injured.

Pennsylvania Horse/Property Owners

Pennsylvania owners of horses (indeed, any domesticated animal) have a duty to keep the animals confined. Confinement of domesticated animals is important for the safety of the animal and others. When the owner or custodian of a horse fails to keep the animal confined, that person’s insurance company may be responsible for compensating anyone injured by the loose animal.

People injured in collisions with unconfined domesticated animals in Pennsylvania should contact an experienced Pennsylvania injury lawyer.

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