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Penndot Works To Keep Pennsylvania Roads Safe In Winter

November 25, 2014

Pennsylvania winters can produce weather conditions that make for extremely difficult and hazardous driving. Snow, sleet and freezing rain can make road surfaces slick to the point of totally lacking traction. The likelihood of car accidents occurring is greatly increased in such conditions.

It is for this reason that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has plans in place to get the roads passable as soon as possible when severe winter weather hits. In order to do this, they employ a variety of storm tracking tools. These tools include forecasting services, weather radar and pavement sensors.

To make roads less slippery, PENNDOT carries out ice removal procedures that entail treating the roads with what is called “anti-skid.” Fine stone or sand can be used as anti-skid. Salt may also be put down and can be combined with the anti-skid. The salt aids in melting ice or snow while the anti-skid creates traction.

For safe winter driving, PENNDOT recommends that you proceed with caution. You do not want to turn too quickly or make any other abrupt maneuvers. You should resist accelerating too rapidly or braking too hard. Do not tailgate. The best way to drive is defensively while looking ahead to see and prepare for potential hazards.

But even with PENNDOT getting the roads in shape and you driving those roads carefully, there is still the chance that you may be in a collision. Some drivers do not properly adapt their driving styles to the elements. A careless or aggressive driver can easily lose control of their vehicle and start careening into other cars.

Car accidents are an inevitable part of the winter months. Should you have the misfortune to be in an accident, you will likely have to deal with insurance companies to receive recompense. A Pennsylvania accident attorney may be of service by representing your interests when seeking fair compensation.