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Pa Commercial Truck Accidents Lawyer Video Of Truck Crash

March 29, 2012

As a Pennsylvania tractor trailer accident lawyer, I often receive helpful truck safety information from clients and friends.  Today, I received an e-mail about commercial truck accidents with a link to a video that graphically demonstrates the devastation that results when a passenger vehicle collides with a tractor trailer. 

The person who wrote the e-mail indicated that he’d been a truck driver and knew from his truck driver training how dangerous a crash with a semi can be.  He said that he was told by one of his mechanics “that if I was ever in a front-end collision, that I would have the best chance of walking away, but probably no one else would.”   

The writer explained that when a tractor-trailer tractor hits something, the front end collapses into the engine and transmission which are forced downward (i.e., not into the cab) and “into the I-beam frame and drive shaft/axle assemblies, fundamentally creating a 40 ton (fully loaded) battering ram.”

All morning I thought about whether I should re-publish the video here in our Pennsylvania Commercial Truck Accidents law blog.  I concluded that the value in demonstrating just how dangerous these trucks can be and how important it is to be careful around them outweighed any downside.

Fair warning:  This video of a large SUV being struck by a commercial truck on the highway is disturbing.  There are no visible injuries depicted but the violence and destruction shown leave little doubt that the consequences of the accident were terrible.  To see the video, click HERE.

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