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Onboard Devices Can Create Distractions For Drivers

July 30, 2015

Car ownership is an extremely important part of the lives of many Pennsylvanians. Many people depend on their cars for work as well as conducting other day-to-day activities. But sometimes people like their cars to have extras that provide added safety, valuable information and entertainment.

The modern passenger vehicle often has a variety of design specifications intended to help protect occupants. Airbags, reinforced body frames and anti-lock brake systems can all serve to make riding in a car a safer experience.

But many of today’s cars are also equipped with devices that may cause drivers to lose focus on the road. For example, GPS systems are great for helping drivers find their destinations. But in order to program and use the devices, drivers may have to take their eyes off the road.

Likewise, many cars come with sound systems that may include satellite radios or the means to connect with mobile devices that have mp3 players. Drivers may have to scroll through a number of screens to locate what they want to hear, all the while not paying attention to the road ahead.

So while it is great for passenger vehicles to have helpful or entertaining amenities, drivers must use these devices wisely. When driving a car, even the briefest distraction could lead to tragedy. Distracted drivers are responsible for a large number of serious or fatal accidents every year.

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