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How No-Fault Laws Help and Hurt Victims

December 21, 2017


It can be overwhelming to realize that the complicated laws in your state may dictate your eligibility to recover compensation if you are hurt in an auto accident. It may seem obvious to you that someone should pay if you have been critically injured because of their negligent behavior. However, no-fault laws can be beneficial but also disadvantageous to victims.

No-fault laws can be unfair and confusing for a victim who does not retain a personal injury attorney immediately. There are numerous purposes for no-fault laws but others may simply benefit the insurance companies.

You may still be eligible to pursue justice and hold the other driver accountable but you will need to file a personal injury claim to do it. No-fault laws theoretically help victims by removing the hassle of determining liability in the medical treatment process. They can simplify the question of whether or not you will pay the medical bills if the accident was not a simple two-driver-collision. No-fault laws certainly have these benefits, but victims may still be responsible for paying co-pays and deductibles and it may seem as though the at-fault driver is able to go unpunished. Even if the at-fault driver’s insurance does pay the victim, the individual who caused the accident still has to worry about a higher premium for their insurance policy.

The insurance company argued that no-fault and similar laws would decrease insurance premiums but rather it simply saves those insurance companies’ money by limiting who is eligible to sue. Given the complicated factors involved in pursuing a personal injury claim, you need to ensure that you have an injury attorney at your side when dealing with a case like this. Talking to a lawyer you can trust can help you to clarify the most appropriate way to pursue these claims. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Purchase George & Murphey, P.C. can tell you more when you need help with your legal case. Contact us today at 814-273-2010.


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