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New Motorcycle Vastly Reduces Chance Of Falls

February 13, 2017

Riding a motorcycle is great fun, so long as it remains upright. Dropping a motorcycle while waiting at a stop light can not only be embarrassing, but it’s also a back-straining hassle to get your bike back on its wheels. But more significantly, if your motorcycle tips while you’re riding and you take a tumble, you could be seriously injured.

So imagine if you will, a motorcycle that is constructed in such a way that it maintains its balance without assistance. Such a flight of fancy is now a reality with the advent of Honda’s Riding Assist motorcycle. Using its Riding Assist technology, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer has created a motorcycle that is said to reduce the chances of falling to almost zero.

For Riding Assist, Honda employed its robotic technology as well as technology originally designed for a personal mobile device. The design allows for automatic adjustments of the front fork and steering. These often tiny adjustments cause the bike to stay upright, even if there is no rider in the saddle. In fact, its front wheel hub is equipped with a motor that allows the motorcycle to travel on its own. You can even order it to come to you like a faithful Labrador Retriever.

Of course, many motorcycle purists may blanch at the idea of a self-balancing motorcycle, but it does offer advantages when it comes to safety. However, even if the likelihood of falling is dramatically reduced, motorcyclists will always face many perils when on the road. Distracted and aggressive drivers still abound. And because riders are fully exposed to the elements, they are very vulnerable during collisions. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney could act on your behalf in your pursuit of appropriate compensation.