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New Article On How You Can Protect Yourself From Medical Mistakes

June 12, 2010

It has been reported that there are 98,000 deaths annually from medical mistakes and another 99,000 deaths from preventable infection. And these numbers do not include people who’ve been disabled or otherwise injured as a result of medical error.

My wife and I have children and they’ve had long term care and urgent care needs. Fortunately, all of them are doing just great. But as much as I’ve learned about medical care and medical mistakes in my practice, I think I may have learned more practical knowledge about the things you can do to help yourself when choosing a doctor or seeking long term care from the experiences we’ve had with our children.

So, I’ve written an article on the things you can do protect yourself from medical mistakes. If you or someone you love needs a medical procedure or long term care, please read this article . There are some common sense tips and references to some helpful resources. I hope if helps you.