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Motorcycle Fatality In Millcreek Township Erie County Pennsylvania

June 10, 2010

GoErie.com has reported that a 61 year old motorcyclist was killed in an intersection collision in Millcreek Township today. The article is light on detail but it indicates that the driver of a car pulled in front of the motorcyclist who was unable to stop in time.

It’s too soon and there is too little information to form any hard beliefs about this accident but early indications suggest that the motorcyclist had the right of way. This is a terrible tragedy for all involved and there is little good that can come from such senseless loss. But it ought to emphasize for all of us the importance of being aware that motorcyclists are on our roads this time of year and they can be difficult to see. Also, drivers who’ve grown accustomed to not seeing motorcycles in the winter months may not register the smaller profile offered by a motorcycle. So, it makes sense to make a conscious decision to be vigilant and aware that motorcycles may be on the road.