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Most Dangerous Roads In Erie County Pennsylvania 2014 Edition

May 6, 2014

There are no Pennsylvania roads completely free of car accidents, but Erie injury lawyers know that some roads are more dangerous than others.  Recent statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation not only confirm that some roads are more dangerous than others, they also demonstrate that there is one road that is much more dangerous than any other road in Erie County.

The winner in this infamous competition is West 12th Street in downtown Erie.  The eastbound lanes from Myrtle to Pennsylvania Avenue ranked number 1 in PennDOT’s analysis but the westbound lanes between Ash and Myrtle weren’t far behind, coming in 5th.  Together the east and west bound lanes of 12th Street accounted for two deaths and 286 car crash injuries in 300 separate automobile collisions from 2007 through 2011.

Also holding two of the top 10 spots on the list of dangerous streets are stretches of Parade Street in downtown Erie.  Parade between East 11th and East 27th streets is No. 2 on the list. The Parade Street extension, a/k/a Route 8 (Pine Avenue), from East 26th Street to Norcross Road in Millcreek Township, ranks No. 8.

Two sections of Peach Street in Millcreek and Summit townships rank third and sixth on the list of Erie’s most hazardous roads.  Peach from Robison Road north to Kuntz Road is 3rd. The southbound lanes from Kuntz to Oliver Road are 6th.

As Erie injury lawyers dedicated to bringing you an informative and educational site, we try to publish helpful information about Pennsylvania car accidents and injury law. Perhaps this information will help drivers remember that there really are particularly dangerous areas in our community and that it always pays to be cautious.

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