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Misdiagnosis Can Lead To Traumatic Experiences

July 27, 2017

The diagnosis of cancer is difficult for anyone to hear. However, what if that diagnosis is incorrect? You might end up undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments that are unnecessary. If this occurs and you eventually find out that you never had cancer, you might feel elated at first.

Your elation might eventually turn to being upset about the situation. This will probably come when you sit down and realize all the pain and interventions you endured only to find out that they weren’t needed.

Another scenario that comes with the misdiagnosis regarding cancer occurs when a person has the disease but is told that they don’t. This is a situation that means the person could end up with a cancer that is in a more advanced stage by the time he or she gets treatment because it was left untreated based on the diagnosis.

In both of these cases, the problem might stem from incorrect information coming from the lab that does tests on blood or tissue samples.

You might be shocked to know that there is a way that these issues could be minimized. DNA technology would enable the lab to ensure that samples match patients. The issue with this technology is that the cost is around $300 per sample, which makes it difficult to institute for all samples.

Ultimately, patients who suffer harm because of these lab errors might opt to seek compensation for the effects. This could help cover the costs of medical care that is necessary as well as the pain and suffering you had to endure.