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Mergers Between Hospitals Give Great Opportunity to Improve Overall Safety

May 17, 2018

Erie medical malpractice lawyersUnfortunately, hospitals are home to far too many instances of medical malpractice that can lead to devastating injuries or even fatalities. Plenty of research has tracked the data surrounding these procedures that ultimately lead to mistakes with the underlying goal of preventing future mistakes.

Some safety advocates in the field argue that the mega mergers that have occurred in recent years with hospitals are a chance to improve quality and safety for better patient outcomes.

The Real Numbers Behind Hospital Malpractice

Approximately one in every three people admitted to the hospital will suffer unattended illnesses or injuries due to preventable medical errors. Multi-hospital health systems are now merging with other organizations like them and this could help to streamline the opportunity to eliminate this problem. Utilizing patient care data to reduce these common adverse consequences of hospital admissions will help to protect patients from these devastating consequences.

The data generation scale that can occur with hospital mergers can assist payers of healthcare and providers of healthcare. Billions of dollars are spent every single year to either compensate or treat patients who have suffered preventable errors. This could also give patients peace of mind, knowing that they are likely to leave no sicker than they were when they entered. Hospitals that merge together can learn a great deal about one another’s data to identify common patterns and improve patient outcomes overall.

Have a Medical Malpractice Claim in Erie, PA?

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