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Mercer County Accident Lawyer News I 80 Pennsylvania Rollover From Tire Failure

August 27, 2011

August 28, 2011, Mercer, PA — A terrible Pennsylvania car accident with the potential for tragic results has put two people in the hospital but, reportedly, their injuries are not life threatening. The Mercer County car accident occurred last night on Interstate 80 in Pine Township when the tread of a Ford Explorer tire separated, causing the driver to lose control.

The Ford Explorer was being driven by a 36 year old Monaca man.* A 38 year old woman, also from Monaca, was a passenger in the vehicle. The Explorer was apparently westbound in a passing lane when the tire tread separated. The vehicle spun, hit a guardrail and became airborne before flipping on its roof. The driver in the Pennsylvania tire tread failure accident was taken to UPMC Presbyterian where he is listed in fair condition. The passenger was ejected, according to reports. Amazingly, however, her injuries are reported only as moderate.

Having seen the consequences of ejection in many Pennsylvania car accidents like this one, we are grateful and amazed that the injuries are not worse than are being reported. Still, even though the injuries might have been much worse, moderate injuries are still painful and recovery can be difficult and uncertain. Our hopes and wishes are with both of the injured parties for a quick and complete recovery.

Pennsylvania Product Defect Contributes to Accident/Complicates Injury Case

With advances in tire technology, tire failure is an increasingly uncommon event. When tires do fail, particularly when they fail at high speed and in a vehicle with a high center of gravity, Pennsylvania tire failure accidents like this one are often the result.

The causes of tire failure can range from design or manufacturing defects to installation defects to owner misuse like over-inflation or under-inflation. When there is a defect in the tire itself or when it has been defectively installed, it is important to preserve the tire remnants (as well as the entire vehicle) and have the case investigated by a Pennsylvania injury lawyer with experience in Pennsylvania products liability cases, particularly those involving tire failure related accidents and injuries. An experienced Mercer car accident lawyer will understand that the evidence must be immediately preserved and then reviewed by qualified forensic examiners to determine whether the manufacturer or installer may have been responsible for the tire failure that caused the Pennsylvania car crash.

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