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Marijuana DUI in PA

September 11, 2018

DUI Lawyers In PADUI charges are most commonly associated with alcohol, but drivers can also be charged with this crime when police have reason to believe they are under the influence of marijuana, prescription pills or other drugs.

Will Marijuana Breathalyzers be Coming to Pennsylvania?

When police suspect someone of being drunk, they can easily administer a field sobriety, breathalyzer or blood alcohol test. Making the determination is much less clear, however, when officers suspect a driver is high on marijuana. Blood or urine tests are very inaccurate when it comes to pinpointing when an individual last smoked the substance. Now, Hound Labs Inc. has developed a new technology that will help cops hold drivers accountable. The company’s breathalyzer picks up on any THC present on the drivers’ breath. According to researchers, this test is much more accurate than previous ones because THC will only stay on the breath for one to two hours after smoking it. These new marijuana breathalyzers will be rolled out in select cities this fall, and they may increase the number of DUI and drug charges.

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While many states are beginning to legalize recreational marijuana, possession of the substance is still a federal crime. Driving while intoxicated is a crime in every state. If you’ve been charged with such crimes, then you need to hire experienced and trusted attorneys to help protect your rights. At the law firm of Purchase, George & Murphey, we will fight for your freedom. Reach out to us today on our confidential online contact form.

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