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Many Factors Can Contribute To Truck Accidents

January 5, 2015

We all know from experience that driving among big rig trucks can make for hectic traveling. Their size makes them quite intimidating. There is good reason to feel trepidation when near these large vehicles. Truck accidents can cause extensive damage and serious injuries.

But the fact is, tractor-trailers are necessary for moving goods across the country. As such, the need for need for trucks will continue and we may even see an increased number of them on the road. This means there will continue to be truck accidents. Whenever an accident occurs, an investigation should be conducted to determine the cause.

Here are some common reasons that truck accidents occur:

  • Human error. While on the road, drivers may become distracted or tired. They may not stop and rest, even though they are legally required to do so. Fatigue can lead to accidents.
  • Bad weather. It is more difficult to bring a truck to a stop if the roads are wet or covered with ice. This becomes even more problematic if a driver does not take such road conditions into account as they travel.
  • Mechanical problems. Trucks are required by law to undergo pre-trip checks. Skipping these checks can result in a failure to address such issues as worn-down tires or even manufacturing defects.
  • Unbalanced loads. It is possible for a truck to topple if the weight of its load is not evenly distributed in the trailer. Cargo that is not loaded and secured properly on open trailers can spill onto the road.

These are just a few of the possible causes of truck accidents. A collision may involve one or more of these issues or could be due to something else entirely. A thorough investigation is often the most effective way to determine exactly what happened and who may hold liability.

This is why if you are ever part of a truck accident, you might consider taking on the services of a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer. The lawyer could conduct an investigation that may help you in your effort to secure compensation for damages and medical expenses.