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Issues Including Medical Malpractice Plaguing Va Hospitals

June 10, 2015

Health care professionals are obligated to provide their patients with an acceptable standard of care. When we are admitted to a medical facility for treatment, we have every reason to expect that our safety and well-being will be properly seen to.


Thankfully, doctors and staffs at hospitals typically make sure patients receive the level of care they deserve. But on occasion, a patient may be injured due to negligence on behalf of a medical professional. When such injuries occur, it is important that the matter be formally addressed and corrected.

Hopefully, there will be many corrective measures taken to fix the numerous problems discovered in the VA’s hospital system. According to investigations conducted by the inspector general of the Veteran Affairs Department, there have been serious issues at VA medical centers nationwide.

The inspector general’s findings revealed incidents of corruption, infighting and mismanagement. Perhaps most troubling are reports of patient safety issues and medical malpractice.

For instance, at a VA center in Pennsylvania, a surgical error led to a veteran’s face being set on fire while he was being treated for skin cancer on his nose. A similar accident previously took place at a center in another state.

If the inspector general’s information is correct, then it appears the VA is enduring systemic failures that are negatively impacting patient care. If you or a loved one ever suffer harm due to the negligence of a medical professional, a medical malpractice suit could help bring pressure to bear in seeing that positive changes are implemented.

A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney may be able to advise you on whether or not your case merits the filing of a malpractice suit. If so, the suit may help you secure compensation as well as serve to spare other patients from similar injuries.

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