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Informed Consent Is Important In The Medical Field

April 6, 2017

Medical care isn’t an area in which people should make uninformed decisions. Every decision must be carefully weighed by the patient, especially if there are considerable risks. When patients aren’t provided with the information necessary to make their decisions, they might end up being harmed by medical care that they wouldn’t have gotten if they had known the risks.

Seeking compensation based on lack of informed consent isn’t easy. You need to work to prove your claims. This can involve checking what other physicians in the same situation would have told the patient. Essentially, you should have been given all of the information that you needed to make a decision that was in your best interest.

Think about this scenario: A person is diagnosed with a curable cancer. The options are to manage the symptoms, have chemotherapy, or approach the cancer with a multifaceted approach. The patient chooses chemotherapy because the other options weren’t explained. The fact is that a multifaceted approach had the best survival rate. The patient suffers through chemotherapy and finds out that the cancer spread. This patient might seek compensation for lack of informed consent because the options weren’t clearly explained.

Informed consent is an important concept in the medical field. Before you go in for surgery or have certain procedures, you will be asked to sign consent forms. These forms usually contain information about the potential risks you are facing, as well as information about the benefits of the surgery. If you aren’t provided this information and are harmed because of the procedure, you might opt to take legal action.