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Improved Skills Could Help Motorcyclists Avoid Accidents

May 13, 2016

There are certain requisite skills that all motorcyclists must master before getting on the road with other traffic. Fortunately, as we covered previously on this blog, beginning riders can take the Basic Rider Course that is part of the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Training Program.

The course is designed to help new riders develop a fundamental understanding of how to safely operate a motorcycle. Even experienced riders can benefit from taking a few pointers from knowledgeable instructors, which is why the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Training Program also offers what it calls the Advanced RiderCourse.

The Advanced RiderCourse is tailored to meet the needs of those who have been riding for a while, but want to improve their skills. The ARC has both classroom and riding components. The goal of the course is to teach riders skills they can apply to help lower their risks on the road.

Emphasis is placed on a variety of areas including cornering and swerving, curve adjustments and decreasing radius curves. One prerequisite of the course is that riders are comfortable operating their own motorcycles. As such, if you want to take this course, be prepared to use your own motorcycle.

The ARC gives experienced riders the chance to learn some new things and concentrate on skills that could use improvement. This is important because when you are on your motorcycle, you have so little room for error. It is very easy to find yourself in a situation where your ability to make the correct maneuver could save your life.

Even the most skilled motorcyclists are vulnerable when encountering distracted, impaired or reckless drivers. A collision with such a driver could leave a rider with life-altering injuries. In such cases, it is vital that injured riders receive an amount of compensation that will help cover their present and future costs of medical treatment and long-term care.

Should you or a family member be dealing with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney could help you file a claim or civil suit in an effort to get you appropriate compensation.