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I 95 Crash Leaves Five Pennsylvania Firefighters Injured

September 6, 2016

Most people have the same reaction when they pass by a tractor-trailer on the highway: your heart speeds up, your grip tightens and you’re suddenly acutely aware of everything around you. And for good reason ? semi trucks are several times bigger and heavier than an average passenger car and, in any collision between the two, the semi is going to do untold damage to the smaller vehicle.

Couple that size difference with the fact that many truck drivers are sometimes asked to drive long hours without rest and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. As a recent incident proves, even firetrucks are no match for 18-wheelers.

Five firefighters from the Philadelphia Fire Department were heading down I-95 in a fire truck when the driver of a semi suddenly lost control of the rig, jackknifing and careening into the back ladder of the fire truck. All of the firefighters received treatment at a nearby hospital, but the driver of the semi refused treatment.

In a crash like this, an attorney would look at a number of factors. Was the truck driver distracted at the time? Had they driven for too many hours without a break? What about the semi itself? Did the trucking company properly maintain it? Was there an issue that could have been prevented?

If you have been affected by a truck accident, you may want to speak with an attorney. He or she can investigate your case and fight for compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs and lost wages.