How To Choose An Erie Injury Lawyer 5 Mistakes To Avoid

July 11, 2011, ERIE, PA — We’ve posted a new article that outlines the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a Pennsylvania injury lawyer. Click on, “The Five Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Pennsylvania Injury Lawyer ” to read the entire article.

But for those of you who want just the summary version, here they are:

1. Don’t Hire an Erie Injury Lawyer Who Won’t Tell You His Fees, In Writing, In Advance.

2. Don’t Hire a Pennsylvania Injury Attorney Without Making Sure He Has the Resources Necessary To Handle Your Case.

3. Don’t Choose an Erie Lawyer Based On Someone Else’s Experience Without Doing Your Own Homework.

4. Don’t Hire a PA Accident Lawyer Just Because He was the First One to Call You Back (or heaven forbid, he called you first).

5. Don’t Hire an Inexperienced Injury Lawyer.

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