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How Do You Turn A Motorcycle

June 12, 2015

As Pennsylvania motorcyclists know, riding a motorcycle requires a very different set of skills from those used when driving a car. Motorcycle accidents can happen very easily and even experienced riders are not immune from taking a serious tumble. Therefore, it is important for new riders to learn safe riding techniques.

One of the first things a new rider must learn is how to properly turn his or her motorcycle. So how do you execute a safe turn on a motorcycle? The following are four of the skills you will need to make turns successfully:

  • In order for a motorcycle to turn, you must make it lean. You do this by pressing on the handgrip and leaning in the direction you want to turn.
  • Look through the turn toward your intended destination. Turn your head, but not your shoulders, as you keep your eyes at horizon level.
  • Before turning, slow down. Close the Normal turning throttle. If necessary, apply both brakes.
  • As you proceed through a turn, roll on the throttle. Keep a consistent speed or gradually accelerate.

Being able to turn correctly will not only help keep you from taking a spill as you go through a curve, but it can also help you maneuver your way out of danger. Motorcyclists face a variety of hazards; from obstacles on the road to negligent drivers. A motorcycle crash can leave a victim with catastrophic injuries. Treatment of these injuries can be very expensive.

Depending on the circumstances of an accident, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for medical expenses, damages and even time lost from work. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney may be able to help you maximize the amount you receive in recompense.