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How Can Motorcycle Riders Stay Safe While Riding In A Group

October 14, 2014

Not long ago on this blog, we posted about an injured Pennsylvania motorcyclist who received a heartwarming salute from his friends in a riding club. The story recounted how after suffering injuries from a severe motorcycle accident, the hurt rider was able to count on his friends for much needed emotional and even financial support. This story typifies the bonds that can develop among those who enjoy riding motorcycles together.

Certainly it is easy to understand the appeal of taking to the road in a group. But how can motorcyclists stay safe while riding together? The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has produced a set of guidelines to help group riders avoid accidents. Here are some of their useful tips:

  • Prior to hitting the road, have a group meeting. Everyone should be on the same page regarding the route being taken as well as the details of stopping to rest and getting gas.
  • Designate a rider to take the lead and a rider to “sweep,” or bring up the rear. These lead and sweep riders should be knowledgeable about group riding techniques.
  • The group should not be too large. Typically, between five and seven riders is a good size for a group. Larger groups can be broken into sub-groups with a more manageable number of riders.
  • Ride in a staggered formation. It is important to allow a safe distance between motorcycles. The staggered formation will give riders the space and time they may need to respond to any road hazards.

Following these tips could very well make your group riding experience much safer and more enjoyable. Still, riders will always face special challenges should they ever be involved in an accident. They can easily suffer catastrophic injuries due to the lack of physical protection provided by motorcycles.

Motorcyclists may also face issues when filing an injury claim with an insurance company. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may wish to meet with a Pennsylvania accident attorney. The attorney may be able to help maximize the payout you receive as compensation.