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How Can I Get A Motorcyclelicensein Pennsylvania

September 18, 2015

Perhaps up to this point you have only dreamed of owning and riding a motorcycle, but the change of seasons has inspired you to take the next step and make that dream a reality. But for those who want to hit the road on a motorcycle, the state of Pennsylvania requires riders to have a Class M license.

So, how does one get a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania? Well, first you must get a learner’s permit, which you may obtain after passing a test that demonstrates basic motorcycle knowledge. You will also be given a vision test. Once you pass these tests, you can pay $10.00 for the permit. The permit carries limitations that are based on your age and whether or not you are licensed to operate other vehicles.

After obtaining the permit, you are eligible to take a skills test at a Driver License Center. You could also go through the Motorcycle Safety Program to receive training. If you take the training, instructors will assess your skills. If you pass their evaluation, you will not have to take the test at the Driver License Center. It should be noted that riders under the age of 18 have more stringent pre-licensing requirements.

Once you have your license, you will be a full-fledged Pennsylvania motorcyclist, but you will still likely have many lessons that can only be learned through experience. And one thing you may discover is that drivers of other vehicles are not always as careful as they should be when traveling near motorcycles.

Hopefully, you will have nothing but good times when riding a motorcycle, but if you should ever be injured in an accident that was due to the negligence of another motorist, you may want to consider seeking the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney. The attorney can gather information and help you demonstrate who bears liability.