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How Can a DUI Lawyer Help Me?

December 5, 2019

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DUI Charges in Pennsylvania

When you have driving under the influence charges hanging over your head, you have a lot at risk. You could end up with expensive fines, a criminal record, and even jail time. A DUI can also affect your ability to gain employment in your chosen career. A DUI lawyer may be able to assist you in reducing your charges or avoiding criminal DUI charges. Learn more below.

Evaluating the Details of Your Millcreek DUI Case

What you can expect from your DUI case will depend on the details. Your DUI defense lawyer can help evaluate these details while also providing you with information on what to expect in the upcoming court dates. Some important details to consider include:

  • BAC (blood alcohol content level) at the time of arrest
  • Previous legal record
  • If any other legal charges accompany the DUI
  • The tests or methods that were used to measure your alcohol level

Having multiple DUIs on your record can complicate the process. Additionally, if you are being charged with anything else, it can put more at risk for you both legally and financially. It is important to understand the charges that you are facing and what it could mean for you if you are fully charged for them.

Defense Against Your DUI Charges

While your DUI lawyer may not be able to eliminate your charges completely, they may be able to get your sentence reduced. This could mean the difference between jail time and probation served. You will often find that your ability to negotiate is much easier with the legal representation of someone that is familiar with Pennsylvania’s DUI laws.

Your DUI lawyer will help you:

  • Determine the legality of the evidence collected
  • Demonstrate your awareness of wrongdoing
  • Negotiate a lower sentencing
  • Identify the chance of a plea agreement

Your DUI lawyer will also look at the collected evidence against you. It is possible that if there is not enough evidence or that the evidence is not clear, then it may not be able to be used against you.

Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer

When you are facing expensive fines and jail time, it is crucial that you choose the right DUI lawyer to represent you. At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. we offer experienced legal representation that is familiar with Pennsylvania’s DUI laws. Not only will we represent you during your case, but we will also walk you through the legal process so you know what to expect from it. Choosing the right lawyer can mean the difference between serving jail time and probation time.

We also offer a free consultation which means there is no obligation to you to have your DUI case evaluated by a DUI lawyer. We will look at the details of your case and consider your options. If we agree to work together, we share all fee expectations up front so you always know what to expect. We also limit the number of cases that we work with, so you can expect the careful attention and dedication to your case that you deserve.

Contact an Experienced Meadville DUI Defense Attorney About Your Drunk Driving Charges in Pennsylvania

Have you been charged with a DWI or DUI offense in Pennsylvania? A drunk driving conviction could leave you with a permanent record, and it could result in your driver’s license being suspended for a very long time. That is why it is imperative that you speak with a qualified DWI defense lawyer about your case. The lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. represent clients charged with drunk driving, breath test refusal, and related offenses in Erie, Millcreek, Harborcreek, Fairview, and throughout Pennsylvania. Call (814) 833-7100 or fill out our confidential online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have an office located at 2525 W 26th St. Erie, PA 16506, in addition to offices located in Meadville and North East.

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