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How Can A Rider Keep Warm While On A Winter Motorcycle Ride

January 20, 2015

Once the weather gets cold, many Erie motorcyclists may opt to stow their bikes in the garage and wait for the spring time to start riding again. On the whole, this may be the safest move to make. In winter, Pennsylvania road conditions can be very treacherous for those riding on two wheels. The increased odds of having an accident due to hitting a patch of ice makes keeping the motorcycle in mothballs for a while a sensible choice.

But let’s say that one day during the winter, the sun is out and the roads appear clear and safe. The temptation to take a spin could become irresistible. Should you get the itch, you need to remember that even if the street conditions do not pose a danger, the cold air could make your ride difficult and unpleasant. So, what can you do in preparation to take on the elements prior to saddling up?

Here are some suggestions for staying warm while on the road:

  • Eat before you ride. When your body burns calories, it creates heat.
  • Avoid getting wet. Water on the surface of your body can absorb heat.
  • Don’t wear cotton. Cotton holds on to moisture and as we just mentioned, water absorbs heat.
  • Wear a helmet that fully covers your face. This style of helmet best provides insulation for your head.

These are just a few of the things you can do to retain your body heat and enjoy your winter ride. But cold air is not the only thing that can be a problem for motorcyclists. They are vulnerable to all elements of the road, including automobiles. Motorcyclists can easily suffer catastrophic injuries if in a collision.

If you are ever in an accident while riding a motorcycle, you could be eligible for compensation. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney could perform an investigation of your crash to help determine liability. The attorney could also help you in your pursuit of a fair settlement.