Holiday Season Sees Many Fatal Alcohol Related Accidents

Here come the holidays, bringing their yearly dose of fun, surprises and stress. Whether you’re off to see Grandma on Thanksgiving, the children on Christmas or old friends on New Year’s Eve, chances are you are going to have to spend some travel time on the roadways of Pennsylvania.

Since there will be so many people out on the road, we should all be extra careful and look out for one another. Unfortunately, there are some people who will get behind the wheel when they should really hand someone else the keys.

Every holiday season, drunk drivers are responsible for causing many serious motor vehicle accidents. There is information indicating that during the holiday season, we can expect 1,200 alcohol-related traffic fatalities nationwide. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, of the fatal auto accidents occurring on Christmas Day, 52 percent will be the result of alcohol use. On New Year’s Eve/Day, that figure increased 57 percent.

These alcohol-related accidents are totally avoidable. Those wishing to drink do not have to drive. Instead, they can get a cab, enlist a designated driver or simply stay where they are until they are sober enough to get behind the wheel. In short, driving drunk is not a necessity, but rather, an act of negligence.

A family who loses a loved one due to the negligent acts of another may wish to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Under Pennsylvania law, survivors in a wrongful death suit may be entitled to recover a variety of damages. However, it can be complicated to determine an amount that represents appropriate compensation.

A Pennsylvania wrongful death attorney could help a family who has suffered the loss of a loved one by investigating their case and helping them to pursue a fair settlement.

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