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Have Questions About Dui In Erie Pennsylvania Free Book Provides Answers

December 12, 2010

You may never have been in any trouble. You want to know how DUI or criminal charges will affect your family, your job and your freedom. You want to know what to expect. You want answers to your questions. You want to know how to choose the right lawyer for you and your case. You want answers to these question now. And you don’t want to feel pressured to hire the first lawyer who will talk to you.

The purpose of Defending Freedom at Every (Walk and) Turn: The Ultimate Guide to DUI Cases in Pennsylvania is to allow you to get answers by reading at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You also can use this handbook to frame more questions as you understand more about your charges and what might happen in your case. You can do all of this before you rush to hire the first lawyer that will meet with you.

The reason that we make this information available to you now is because you need it now. Your preliminary hearing might be in as soon as 10 days. You need to begin to get up to speed. And you just can’t get the answers you need in (or on) the telephone book. You also don’t have time to interview a dozen lawyers. And you know that your case is too important to simply call lawyers in the yellow pages until one agrees to meet with you tomorrow (as opposed to two days from now). That method might work for choosing a plumber to fix a burst hot water tank, but not something as important as your freedom, your driver’s license, your job or your family. (The truth is that’s not a smart way to choose a plumber either).

All you have to do to download a PDF version of our book is complete the order form on your left margin or go to www.ThePADUIBook.com. (Your contact information will not be given or sold to anyone.) If you have more questions, or want to schedule a private, no obligation, evaluation of your case with Tim George, the Erie Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer who wrote the book, call toll free (888) 376-2595 or (814) 835-0400.