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Group Promotes Awareness Of Motorcycles On The Road

June 10, 2015

Pennsylvania motorcyclists typically know how to keep their eyes open for potential hazards while out on a ride. When on a motorcycle, it takes only a second for the road conditions to become extremely dangerous. Even the smallest of obstacle in a motorcycle’s path could cause a very serious accident.

Drivers who are distracted or inattentive can pose a grave threat to motorcyclists. When such a driver suddenly cuts a motorcycle off, the rider may not be able to avoid a collision. Given that riders are vulnerable with very limited physical protection, a crash could have devastating results.

Motorcycle awareness month takes place in May. The Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education recognizes how important it is for drivers to look out for the motorcyclists with whom they share the road. Toward this end, hundreds of motorcyclists from Erie convened for the annual A.B.A.T.E Awareness Ride. The gathering gave the riders the opportunity to remember fellow riders who were lost in accidents and to endorse safety for motorcyclists.

Many of the motorcyclists point to the advent of two fatal accidents as demonstrating the importance of the event. The two lost riders were remembered through a moment of silence that took place outside a motorcycle shop.

The A.B.A.T.E Awareness Ride is a great way for Erie motorcyclists to remind drivers to look out for motorcycles when on the road. Unfortunately, such events are held specifically because motorcyclists are getting hurt and even killed in crashes with automobiles.

If you are ever struck by a car while out riding your motorcycle, you could suffer catastrophic injuries that may require hospitalization, surgery and a long period of recovery. All of these things can be very expensive. A Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney may be able to offer you assistance in determining liability and possibly maximizing your level of compensation.