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Greedy Pennsylvania Lawyer Advertising

June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013, ERIE, PA — Regular readers of our Pennsylvania injury law blog know that we frequently talk about lawyer advertising.  We’re not opposed to advertising a Pennsylvania injury law practice, obviously.  However, we are opposed to advertising that demeans our profession and taints the perception of jurors about the validity of our clients’ claims.  Recently, a Pennsylvania injury lawyer hit a new low.

In Pittsburgh, bus station benches have been painted with a Pennsylvania injury attorney ad.  The ad doesn’t identify the lawyer by name (nor shall we because we know that any mention only helps his search engine optimization).  Instead, the lawyer promises the public that they can access “Successful, Greedy, Attorneys” who “Won’t Let You Settle Cheap.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The Pennsylvania injury lawyers I know are ethical, hard-working professionals who are driven to help their clients.  While I suppose it’s possible to succeed once or twice in a courtroom without integrity, passion and work ethic, I’ve seen no evidence that a lawyer can make a career out of it without being exposed and failing as a result. 

The western Pennsylvania injury law firm who is advertising itself as “Greedy” no doubt thinks it is being very clever.  The ad may very well appeal to some people who imagine that a “Greedy” lawyer is exactly what they want.  But the ad fuels the worse misconceptions that people harbor about lawyers.  It will eventually ruin the reputation of the firm who employs it and along the way it will do much more damage to the many other Pennsylvania accident lawyers who routinely practice (and advertise) at a high professional level and their injury victim clients who can’t help but have their cases weakened by the false but common perception of greedy lawyers cashing in on frivolous cases.

Naturally, we hope that our readers will make Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., P.C. their first call when they need a Pennsylvania lawyer.  But whatever you do, do not call a Pennsylvania attorney who advertises himself as “Greedy.”

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