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Erie Wrongful Death Lawyers Fatal Injury Lawyer 65 Million Wrongful Death Settlement

August 7, 2010

A well known Jamaican resort has recently settled a Pennsylvania wrongful death claim arising out of the death of an Erie, Pennsylvania man who was staying at the resort with his family to attend a wedding.

Beaches Sandy Bay of Negril, Jamaica, paid $6.5 million dollars to settle the Erie wrongful death case arising out of the death of Jarred Smith. According to the lawsuit brought by Mr. Smith’s mother, Ceola Smith, Mr. Smith was killed when using an “Aqua Trampoline” sponsored by the resort hotel. Mr. Smith apparently dove off the trampoline and struck his head on the sea floor, leading to his death.

Ms. Smith alleged that the instructions required the trampoline to be installed in at least 10 feet of water. The resort allegedly had placed the trampoline in an area where the water was only 4 -5 feet deep. Mrs. Smith also alleged that the resort had failed to provide adequate instruction and adequate safety devices.

The resort’s defenses included allegations that the young man never struck his head on the sea floor, that the manufacturer of the trampoline was the only responsible party and that the young man’s death was the result of other causes.

In situations of terrible loss there are frequently complex defenses to which only a well prepared Pennsylvania wrongful death lawyer, with the benefit of a thorough investigation, can effectively respond. Acting quickly to retain experienced Pennsylvania personal injury counsel not only aids in the effective investigation of the claim but allows for the preservation of evidence that may otherwise be lost to time or other causes.