Erie Truck Accident Lawyers Witnesses Sought In Fatal I 90 Hit Run

August 24, 2010, ERIE, PA — Police continue to search for witnesses to the Erie fatal hit and run accident on I-90 in North East Township on August 20, 2010. For more information, see our first bl og on this Erie truck accident and our second blog which came out after it was revealed there was a second truck driver involved who also fled the scene.

Today’s story reveals little new information about the accident other than to reveal details that deepen the sadness of this terrible tragedy. Killed in the accident was Xiaoxia Zhang, a 30 year old Chicago woman who was traveling with her husband, Fengning Liu, and their two children. The couple were making plans to bring family from China to the United States at the time of her death.

Ms. Zhang was a passenger in a station wagon driven by her husband. She was killed when a blue semi-truck or other large truck struck the rear of their vehicle and caused the station wagon to spin out of control in the early morning hours of August 20. She was ejected from the vehicle and struck by a second large truck. Both trucks fled the scene.

Police have been actively investigating but apparently have no new leads. Witnesses with information about the accident or about a large blue truck with front end damage should contact police at 814-898-1641.

I think it’s possible that the truckers who were involved in this accident are reading this blog. I imagine that the truckers are plagued by guilt about their involvement in the accident or fear of being caught and are searching for information on the internet. If you are, you must know that you’re making this worse for the family by hiding. You must know that you are compounding the tragedy to this family by making them meet with police, by forcing them to deal with the uncertainty and doubt of a hit and run accident and by denying them their right to compensation from your insurance. If you have any shred of decency, any concern at all for this family you have wronged, you should turn yourself in now.

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