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Erie Truck Accident Lawyers Semi Hit And Run Fatality On I 90

August 19, 2010

August 20, 2010, ERIE, PA — A story on GoErie.com this morning reports that a large blue semi-tractor or other large truck caused a fatal Erie County truck accident and then left the scene on I-90 this morning around 1 am. Readers with any information about this accident should call the Pennsylvania State Police at (814) 898-1641.

The Erie truck accident occurred in the eastbound lanes of I-90 in North East Township near mile marker 40. Apparently, the large blue truck rear-ended a Volkswagen Passat station wagon which was carrying children and other passengers. The collision caused the Volkswagen Passat to spin out of control. One of the passengers was ejected and killed. That passenger has not been identified or described. The driver and two children reportedly suffered minor injuries. Despite the horrific results of the collision, the truck driver did not stop to render aid or identify himself/herself.

Anyone who knows anything about this Pennsylvania hit and run truck accident or about a blue semi-tractor or large truck with moderate front end damage should call the State Police at (814) 898-1641.

The story does not say whether the people in the Volkswagen were family members but it certainly seems reasonable to infer that they were. Our thoughts are with this family as they struggle through this terrible loss while recovering from their own injuries.

We hope the driver in this Erie hit and run truck accident is identified soon and brought to justice. Even better, we hope the truck driver listens to his or her conscience and turns himself/herself in to authorities. Accidents happen and sometimes because of something as simple as a moment’s inattention. But leaving the scene is a deliberate action taken out of fear and selfishness. Leaving the scene may deprive injured people of their last chance for timely help. Leaving the scene compounds the tragedy by adding to the victims’ cares and worries. Leaving the scene is a cowardly act. The truck driver’s best shot at redemption is to turn himself in now. It’s the right thing to do for himself and for these people whom he has so grievously harmed.