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Erie Truck Accident Lawyer Sketch And Cell Phone Info Newest Leads In I 90 Hit And Run

August 31, 2010

September 1, 2010, ERIE, PA — New information is available on the investigation into the August 20, 2010 fatal hit and run truck accident on I-90 in Erie County, PA. Authorities have provided a sketch of one of the truckers involved (see above) and are using cell phone data to target the truckers involved.

As documented in earlier blog entries here (See blog entries 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 ) Xiaoxia Zhang, 30, was traveling east on I-90 with her family in their Volkswagen Passat station wagon. Her husband was driving and she and their two children were in the back seat.

A large blue truck or tractor trailer reportedly attempted to pass them on the left near mile mark 40 on I-90 in North East, Pennsylvania. The truck struck the Passat in the rear, spinning it out of control and causing Ms. Zhang to be ejected.

Another large truck reportedly struck Ms. Zhang as she lay on the highway. Reportedly, she was killed instantly.

Both drivers fled the scene and have not, to date, been identified. However, the latest information suggests that authorities are investing substantial energy into the search and using new technology in an effort that holds out hope that the offending drivers will be located.

Authorities filed documents with the Court today to legally obtain information from cell phone companies. Cell phone towers in the area of the accident record signals transmitted by cell phones in the vicinity. The data will not necessarily reveal calls made but will identify cell phones that were in the area of the accident at the time of the accident. The information may help by directly identifying the truckers involved or by identifying witnesses.

Somehow, investigators also have obtained a sketch and other identifying information about one the truckers involved. The sketch is included above. The description is of a man in his 40s, with dark hair and eyes, who spoke with an accent, stood about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed about 150 pounds.

Investigators also have more information on the blue truck involved in the collision. It may have been a blue International 9000 series truck with mirrors mounted on the fenders. It is believed to have damage to the right front fender and grill.

Witnesses are encouraged to contact authorities at www.eriealert.com or (800) 472-8477 or (814) 898-1641.

This latest information is encouraging to me because it seems likely to provide information that could very well lead to the identities of the truckers involved. It seems the time within which these truckers can voluntarily reveal themselves may be coming to a close. If they want to get any benefit out of coming forward they will need to do so soon before they are found.