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Erie Truck Accident Lawyer Case Settles After Lawyer Gets Involved

October 14, 2010

October 15, 2010, Erie, PA — As part of our commitment to providing helpful information to the public about accident and injury cases, we’ve posted a new article in our Case Results section. In the new article , we relay the experience of a client who was obviously injured in an accident that was obviously not his fault; the promises made by the insurance company; and the reality of their behavior.

Wondering whether you really need a lawyer in your Erie truck accident case? Whether you should trust the insurance company when they tell you that they’ll be fair, that you don’t need some Erie injury lawyer who’s just going to take a percentage of your recovery? Read the story of Zero to $325,000 in Six Months .

This is just one story but it’s just like so many others we’ve experienced here. Delay, promise, shuffle and delay. That’s the story from insurance companies who string along injured people hoping they’ll either go away or settle on the cheap out of fear and frustration. It’s also the story of the difference an experienced Pennsylvania accident lawyer can make and an example of how we help injured people.