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Erie Train Accident Lawyers Pa Train Accident North East Car Struck By Train Stuck On Tracks

August 20, 2010

August 21, 2010, ERIE, Pa — The Erie Times reports that a car got stuck on a CSX railroad track crossing on Remington Road in North East, Pennsylvania and was struck by a train. The driver was able to exit the vehicle prior to the Pennsylvania train crossing collision and the report does not indicate that she was injured.

The report indicates the crossing was closed for construction. This might explain why the car got stuck. Crossings should be maintained so that passing vehicle do not get stuck on them. However, if the road was closed, how was the driver able to get to the crossing? Such dangerous conditions require a clearly marked blockade. Fortunately, none was hurt in this accident. This Erie County train crossing accident ought to serve as a warning to both motorists and railroad companies. Motorists, do not ignore warnings about closed railroad crossings. It can be extremely dangerous. Railroad companies, make sure you clearly mark closed crossings and, even better, set up blockades.