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June 11, 2011, ERIE, PA — Our family adopted a dog from the pound last week. Summer was coming and my kids made the cogent argument that summer was the right time to add a canine family member because they’d have the time to socialize and train the dog before school started again and the family was gone for most of the day. We searched for weeks until we found the dog we thought would be right for our active family. Finally, we found “Butch” (see above) at the ANNA Shelter and he is now part of the Purchase clan.

Well, now school is over and the training has begun. It’s been fun for the whole neighborhood. Butch has turned out to be a great dog with exactly the temperament necessary to live in a neighborhood full of kids who wander in and out of the yard all day. We feel very lucky that Butch has turned out to be exactly the dog we thought he was.

But the Erie injury lawyer in me can’t help but think about other dogs who aren’t so lucky to be trained and socialized appropriately and other owners who fail to take the necessary measures to keep their dogs confined. And I’m reminded that summer is the time of year that we see so many Pennsylvania dog bite tragedies in our office because this is the time of year when both children and dogs are outside together all day. As a result, I thought it would be a good time to re-post an index to the dog safety materials we provide on this site.

Erie Dog Bite Lawyer Safety Articles

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