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Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers More News About Possible Helmet Law Changes

November 19, 2010

November 20, 2010, Erie, PA — We’ve been tracking the efforts by the National Transportation Safety Board to get the states to pass more restrictive motorcycle helmet laws here in our blog (see last week’s blog entry on the subject HERE ). Today, the Erie Times covered the story, outlining the same tired old arguments that we heard about in 2003 when the state legislature and Gov. Ed Rendell passed legislation allowing motorcycle riders to go without a helmet.

There’s nothing new in the debate. The evidence is overwhelming that helmets save lives and money. Motorcyclists without helmets leave families without wage earners, frequently have medical costs far in excess of their insurance coverage and otherwise have a huge adverse economic and community impact.

Of course, on the other hand, a lot of these guys really like the wind in their hair.

We’ve made our position on helmets clear in this blog before (See More Bikers, No Helmets Linked to Increased Fatalities ). So, I won’t detail it further here except to say that we think it is stupid and selfish to ride a motorcycle without a helmet (especially for riders with a spouse and/or children) but we do everything in our power to try to get fair compensation for motorcyclists injured through no fault of their own, even if they weren’t wearing a helmet.

Does that seem inconsistent? We don’t think so. In our business, we know that people are not good at judging long term issues or at statistical analysis. Somebody rides a bike a hundred times without a helmet they start to think that it’s safe. Now, we know that the odds are not favoring them but, as we said, people aren’t good at this sort of thing and frequently get to exactly the wrong conclusion. On the other hand, we all know that if we turn our three thousand pound car in front of a motorcyclist at 25 mph that there are going to be terrible injuries every time. There’s no need for superhuman statistical analysis in that.

The Erie motorcycle lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., P.C. have experience with cases involving motorcyclists who’ve been injured in collisions. These cases often result in serious and disabling injuries that require extensive medical care. They also present unusual liability and insurance coverage issues. Our primary goal and objective is to make sure our clients and their families receive the compensation and resources they need to treat and manage their motorcycle accident injury and to compensate them for their losses.

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