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Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Child Of Accident Victim Writes In Erie Times

October 7, 2010

October 8, 2010, Erie, PA — Brooke Lewis is a young woman studying World Language and Cultures at Mercyhurst College. She’s also the surviving daughter of a man killed in an Erie motorcycle accident this past summer. She shared her heart wrenching tale as well as her plea for driver awareness and rider helmet use in the Erie Times today.

Brooke’s story is not unusual, unfortunately. It is unusually well articulated, however, and worth reading. You can find it HERE .

This summer had a record number of motorcycle fatalities, but every summer brings its share. To the survivors and the catastrophically injured, the statistics mean little. The sudden intrusion of life altering trauma is always an intensely personal experience.

I give Brooke credit for speaking out. It takes courage and perspective to use such a deep personal loss to spread a message of safety to others. And Brooke’s message is courageous, too. She hits the two notes that must be hit in motorcycle safety. The first, that motorists are far too often inattentive about motorcyclists, is both true and widely rejected by the four wheeled population. The second, that helmets should be worn by motorcyclists, is widely rejected by the two wheeled crowd, many of whom I would imagine were close to Brooke’s father and may still be close to Brooke and her family. (Brooke’s father wasn’t wearing a helmet and suffered lethal brain injury in his accident).

We’ve made an effort on this site to spread those messages. We offer information to motorists about safety measures they should be taking and tips for motorcyclists as well. In a recent blog, we explained our position on helmet s in detail but the bottom line is that helmets make sense. If you’re going to get on a motorcycle, particularly if you have a spouse and children, you should wear a helmet.

Don’t let our message confuse you about our perspective on representing people injured in motorcycle accidents. If you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident and you weren’t wearing a helmet, we’ll fight all day to make sure you and your family are properly compensated. That’s what we do as Erie motorcycle accident lawyers. But let’s not kid each other. Helmets make sense.

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As skilled Erie injury lawyers who have helped clients injured in motorcycle accidents, we understand how to evaluate these cases and help you obtain the funds necessary to compensate you for your harms and losses.

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