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Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer News Woman Charged In Broad Street Crash

April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012, ERIE, PA — Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents tend to follow a depressingly familiar pattern: motorist turns left in front of biker; biker has no time to react; motorcyclist is badly injured; and car driver protests, “I never saw him!”  A recent Erie motorcycle crash at Broad Street and the Bayfront connector follows that pattern but adds new elements that have felony charges filed against the driver.

According to police, the February 28, 2012 Pennsylvania motorcycle collision happened like this: Shauna Casler, 29, was operating her 1998 Ford Expedition north on Broad Street when she saw a yellow light ahead at the intersection with the Bayfront Connector.  Instead of slowing and stopping, Ms. Casler allegedly sped up to beat the light.  Now, we all know we’re not supposed to do that, right?  Compounding the problem, however, are these uncomfortable allegations: 1.  Ms. Casler’s license was suspended for unknown reasons at the time of the accident and 2. while speeding up to beat the light, Ms. Casler turned left in front of oncoming traffic. 

Tori Scofield was on a Kawasaki Vulcan traveling south on Broad and she wasn’t able to react in time.  She was thrown from her bike and hit a minivan.  Her injuries are tragic.  Rushed to UPMC, she lost one leg to amputation.  Her current condition is unknown to us.

Recent reports indicate that the charges filed against Ms. Casler include accidents involving personal injury while not properly licensed; aggravated assault by vehicle; reckless endangerment; driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked; careless driving; and failure to yield. 

Our thoughts are with Ms. Scofield and her family and we hope that drivers around Pennsylvania take notice of these early season accidents and keep watch for motorcyclists.  Motorcyclists are vulnerable and they deserve attention from the motorists with whom they share the road.

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