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Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyer Suspected Murderer Sought Mental Health Treatment

November 18, 2010

November 19, 2010, ERIE, PA — A man suspected of killing his girlfriend and two of their children had committed himself for mental health treatment at St. Vincent Health Center just a week prior to the killings. He was released despite the pleas of his family that he was a danger to himself and others.

Brian Dacus is suspected in the shooting deaths of Jamie Malanowski, his girlfriend, and two of their children, Trinity and Brianna Dacus. Family members say that Mr. Dacus “knew he had a problem” and so committed himself. His sister said she called St. Vincent and told them, “Don’t release him. I said, if they did his family would be in danger. I told them he has a gun.”

Despite this, Mr. Dacus was released by the hospital on Nov. 8, 2010, just a week prior to the shootings.

It is impossible to say, with this little information, if the hospital or its doctors should have done something different. It wouldn’t be fair to say, just because a tragedy ensued, that obviously they made a medical mistake. But the family’s warnings should certainly have heightened the level of scrutiny employed prior to his release and the situation bears further inquiry and review.

Our thoughts are with these families who must struggle with more than just grief, who must sort through the complicated emotions associated with this terrible tragedy. There is a little boy, 2 year old Brian Dacus, Jr., who needs the support of all his family members and we hope they are all able to pull together for his benefit.