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Erie Lawyers Truck Hit And Run Accident Victim Offers 20000 Reward

July 2, 2011

July 3, 2011, ERIE, PA — A man who lost his wife in a high-profile Erie County commercial truck hit-and-run accident on I-90 is continuing to pursue the drivers responsible for the accident. Fengming Liu has offered all the money he has, $20,000, for information leading to the identification of the drivers who were involved in the accident that killed his wife and forever altered his family.

As documented in earlier blog entries here (See blog entries 1 , 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , and 6) Mr. Liu and his wife, Xiaoxia Zhang, were traveling east on I-90 with their children in their family station wagon. A large blue truck or tractor trailer attempted to pass them on the left and struck the station wagon in the rear, spinning it out of control and causing Ms. Zhang to be ejected.

Another large truck struck Ms. Zhang as she lay on the highway. Reportedly, she was killed instantly.

Both commercial truck drivers fled the scene and have not, to date, been identified. A sketch (see above) has been provided of one of the truckers believed to have been involved in the Erie truck accident. The description is of a man in his 40s, with dark hair and eyes, who spoke with an accent, who stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

Investigators also have information on the blue truck involved in the Erie semi crash. It may have been a blue International 9000 series truck with mirrors mounted on the fenders. It is believed to have damage to the right front fender and grill.

How to Help

Mr. Liu’s reward money brings the total reward available to $22,000. Mr. Liu got the $20,000 from an insurance settlement and says that if he could get more money, he’d offer that, too. Witnesses can report information anonymously, if they wish, and are encouraged to contact authorities at www.eriealert.com (click on the “Crime Stoppers” button”) or (800) 472-8477 or (814) 898-1641.

Help for People Injured by Hit and Run or “Phantom” Drivers

Generally, people who are victims of Pennsylvania hit-and-run accidents should be aware both that there is a possibility of recovery from their own Pennsylvania car insurance and they should also know that there may be special notice requirements of such coverage when “phantom vehicles” are involved. If these notice requirements are not met in a prompt manner then the injured person can lose their right to recover. People injured in “phantom vehicle” or hit-and-run accidents should waste no time in consulting with an experienced Erie hit-and-run lawyer (particularly because most Erie injury lawyers charge nothing for an initial consult).

Contact an Erie “Hit and Run” Accident Lawyer

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