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Erie Lawyers New Social Networking Article Added To Library

September 1, 2010

We’re seeing more and more social media evidence used in personal injury cases every day. Insurance companies and defense lawyers have learned that these media are treasure troves of information that can be used to diminish or destroy an Erie personal injury victim’s case. Pictures and comments are taken out of context (sometimes they’re posted out of context) and can be used effectively to deny an injured person the compensation to which they’d otherwise be legally entitled.

The problem is particularly difficult because honesty, by itself, won’t protect you from harm. Most people think that as long as they’re not trying to deceive anyone then nothing they say or do can be used against them. They think, “Well, sure, I can see how that picture or comment could be damaging if taken out of context. But when I explain it, the jury or judge will understand.” That kind of thinking couldn’t be more “wrong-headed.” As any trial lawyer knows, the more explaining you’ve got to do the less likely you are to persuade a judge or jury.

In our articles library, we’ve posted a new article explaining how social media can destroy a personal injury case and showing why honesty, by itself, is not a perfect defense to this evidence. We offer five tips to help you avoid the unnecessary damage associated with social media in a personal injury case.

The Bottom Line

While we wish social media wouldn’t play a role in Northwest Pennsylvania injury cases, we know the reality is that it’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. So, read our article and protect yourself from the unintentional harm you might do to your case with facebook, twitter or your social networking site of choice.

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