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Erie Lawyers Featured In News For Commercial Litigation

February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013 – As Erie injury attorneys, it’s not often that our trials get attention from the media.  Today, however, the Erie Times News covered a trial that Pennsylvania trial lawyers Tim George and Eric Purchase are trying in Judge Garhart’s courtroom this week.  Click HERE to see the Erie Times News story.

The trial of Girard Township vs. Lake Erie Community Park, et al. is the culmination of a long-simmering dispute between our client, Lake Erie Community Park and Girard Township over control of 166 acres of property on the lake in Lake City, north of route 5.  It’s a complex dispute involving over 70 years of corporate and municipal dealings and highlights one of our firm’s less well advertised practice areas – commercial litigation.

You won’t find “commercial litigation” among our practice areas on this website.  Indeed, you won’t find it on our companion website, yourerieduilawyers.com (where you can find all sorts of helpful information about Pennsylvania DUI and criminal defense cases).  It’s not  the sort of practice area that a firm would advertise in conventional marketing materials.

But commercial litigation remains a vibrant practice area, one that primarily depends on word of mouth.  So, if you find yourself in the midst of a complicated dispute over business dealings, contracts, partnership matters, shareholder matters, employment or other matters, call today for a consult with one of our experienced commercial litigation lawyers – Call 814-273-2010.

The trial, by the way, is on going but a verdict is expected this week.  Stay tuned for more information.