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Erie Lawyer News Pa Supreme Court May Allow Video

December 14, 2010

December 15, 2010 — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court may soon allow video cameras in the courtroom. Ever since television began, courts have been reluctant to broadcast proceedings out of fear that judges might be unduly influenced by public pressure and lawyers might be encouraged to perform for an audience other than the Court.

But cameras have nevertheless worked their way into the nation’s courtrooms and resulted in spectacles like the O. J. Simpson trial and popular television shows like Judge Judy. Pennsylvania began to give in to the pressure of the camera when the Commonwealth Court allowed its proceedings to be televised and the Superior Court allowed broadcast of its en banc arguments. (For more on Erie lawyers before en banc Superior Court panels, go HERE ).

Now, it looks as though the Supreme Court may be next.

Perhaps public broadcast of appellate argument is a good thing. Probably, it’s inevitable. Regardless, it appears to be on its way to PA and we look forward with interest to seeing how it all unfolds.

For those interested, videotaped arguments of the Superior and Commonwealth Courts can be seen on PCN Plus.
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