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Erie Lawyer News Dog Attacks On Rise

May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012, ERIE, PA — Dog attacks are on the rise across the nation and Pennsylvania is helping to lead the way, according to new information from the Insurance Information Institute. 

According to the report, there were 26,166 dog bite related claims nationwide in 2010 and 29,396 in 2011, an increase of over 12%.  Pennsylvania’s dog attack claim rate increased by 34% and, according to at least one insurer, ranks fifth among the states for the greatest number of dog attack related claims.  According to Allstate, the average dog bite claim results in a payment of $30,000.

The report confirms what most Pennsylvania dog bite attorneys know.  Children and the elderly are the most likely victims of dog attacks and often the dog is well-known to the victim.  Also noteworthy is that most serious dog attacks are committed by male dogs who have not been neutered.

Proper training and socialization are important exercises for dog owners to ensure that their dog is not a danger to others.  For more information on what you can do to limit the likelihood that your dog will bite, see our article on How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting.

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