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Erie Injury Lawyers Teaching Materials Added To Site

September 1, 2010

September 2, 2010 — We tell people all the time that they should ask Erie injury lawyers about whether they stay up to date on Pennsylvania injury and insurance law. Even better, we suggest that people ask whether an Erie lawyer has actually taught other lawyers and insurance professionals and, if the lawyer has, will the lawyer provide copies of teaching materials used in their seminars. Well, we’re delivering. We’ve now posted seven different packets of material used by Eric Purchase in seminars given to insurance adjustors and car accident lawyers over the years.

This blog is linked to the index of those materials. To see the index with links to each packet of teaching materials, click HERE .

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. we are local Erie car accident lawyers who are committed to educating people about Pennsylvania car accident cases and other injury cases. In addition to the articles and videos that are available to you here on our site we’ve also authored a book that we offer for free to people who’ve been injured in Pennsylvania car crashes. In “The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Car Accident Cases: A Roadmap to Justice ” we explain all the ins and outs of Pennsylvania car accidents, from the insurance you buy, to what to do after an accident to how to choose the right Pennsylvania lawyer for you and your case.

Click on the link above to order your free copy. For a free consultation with one of our experienced Erie injury lawyers, call today at 814-273-2010 or locally at 814-273-2010.