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Erie Injury Lawyers Pennsylvania Accident Victim Speaks To Tort Reform

June 6, 2011

June 7, 2011, ERIE, PA — We’ve written here before about the vigorous efforts by some in the Pennsylvania legislature to destroy the centuries old legal concept known as joint and several liability. Now, a Pennsylvania accident victim has joined the tort reform discussion with a video just posted on YouTube.

Check out Kyle Hoff’s “Campaign For Justice .” Kyle was paralyzed in a construction accident and his family was able to find help in part because of the joint and several liability concept. Kyle may never be able to leave his wheelchair but the Pennsylvania courts were at least able to give him some measure of justice. Getting rid of joint and several liability in Pennsylvania won’t hurt Kyle. He’s already had his day in court. But Kyle is fighting to help the next Pennsylvania accident victim.

Listen to his story and decide for yourself. If you decide to weigh in on the joint and several liability debate, use this link to go to the Pennsylvania General Assembly site. You can enter your address or click on your county to find your legislator. From there, most legislators have e-mail and other contact information. Write them or call them and tell them you oppose the repeal of Joint and Several Liability. Tell them you want to make sure that innocent injured people can find some measure of justice in Pennsylvania courts.

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