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Erie Injury Lawyers Injured Teacher Perseveres

August 29, 2010

August 30, 2010, ERIE, PA — Cindy Lair was visiting her hairdresser when it happened. She suffered an Erie trip and fall. She knew almost immediately that something was very wrong. She had terrible pain and the strange sensation that her arm was hanging upside down, even though it was obviously right where it belonged.

She’d fractured the head of the humerus and, worse, damaged three main nerves in her arm. The bone injury was dealt with by surgeons who replaced the head of her humerus with an implant. The nerve injuries have proven more resistant to healing.

Cindy went through physical therapy but her progress was minimal. She had no grip strength in her hand. An elementary school teacher in McKean, PA, she’d already missed one year of school. And even though it broke her heart to contemplate it, it seemed likely that retirement was in her future. How could she teach elementary school students if she couldn’t write? She couldn’t use the blackboard, she couldn’t show them how to write.

But like so many other injured people, Cindy got through those black days and recommitted to recovery. She had another surgery to move tendons from the damaged nerves to healthy nerves. She went back to physical therapy. She’s still a long way from 100% but she’s made enough progress to return to school. She asked for and received a transfer to 2nd grade because, she says, “…2nd graders write a lot like I do, so we will learn to write together.”

Cindy’s story is a great one. In a moment, her injury turned her world upside down and threatened to take from her a career and the use of her right arm. However, her commitment, high quality medical care and years of hard physical therapy have led her to the point where she is going back to work. She’s not 100% but she’s figuring it out and doing the best that she can.

Cindy’s story is one that we see repeated in our office all the time. Injuries can do terrible things to people, their lives and the families of the injured. But people are resilient. Not every injury heals and many people suffer for the rest of their lives but so many take these tragedies and make the best of them.

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., we’re proud to use our skills to help people who are struggling with injury like Cindy is struggling hers. Many people have to fight to get their medical bills paid, to recover lost wages to find new work and to do every day tasks like cleaning, cooking and shopping and we take great satisfaction in helping.

If you’ve been in an Erie accident in which you’ve suffered serious injury, look around our site. You’ll likely find information about your circumstances that may be helpful to you. If you’d like a free consultation with one of our Erie injury lawyers, fill out the consult form or call 814-273-2010 today. We’d be pleased to meet you and do our best to help.