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Erie Injury Lawyers Announce New Column Keeping It Local

March 24, 2011

March 25, 2011, ERIE, PA — Tim and I are always looking for new things to put in our Pennsylvania personal injury law newsletter. There are a lots of choices among personal injury topics but even we have to admit that a newsletter composed entirely of Pennsylvania personal injury information starts to have a “one note” feel to it after a while.

So, what to add that is different from our standard fare but still pertinent? Tim walks into my office the other day and says, “What do you think about profiling some of our friends and clients? We’ve got a ton of cool local businesses in Erie that some people know about but a lot don’t. What if we were to feature one in each of our newsletters?”

Well, like most of Tim’s ideas, this one was great. We believe in supporting local businesses (ask my kids, who don’t understand why I buy from local pizza shops instead of the chains they know from advertising and school). Obviously, we’re inclined to encourage people to come to us or other local Erie personal injury attorneys instead of the huge mills from out-of-town. Plus, we could help our friends and clients who own or work for the unique small businesses that make Erie a special place.

So, we announced that starting next month we’ll be featuring a local small business in our “Keeping it Local” column in the newsletter. If you know of a local business we should feature, give us a call. 814-273-2010.