Erie Injury Lawyer In Atlantic City Joint Meeting With Njaj

April 14, 2011, ERIE, PA — The Pennsylvania Association for Justice and the New Jersey Association for Justice are holding a joint meeting of their leadership in Atlantic City today. The subject? Tort reform dominates the landscape.

As readers of this blog and injured people across Pennsylvania know, a Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit is not akin to winning the lottery, contrary to popular belief. People who have been injured by someone else’s misconduct must fight in a system that is increasingly stacked against them just to get some fair measure of compensation. Even when there is absolutely no question as to the fault of the wrongdoer, people injured in Pennsylvania are increasingly finding that insurance companies are unwilling to pay anything close to fair value.

Now, the legislature is poised to enact new measures to make it easier for insurance companies and wrongdoers to avoid responsibility.

I’m pleased to be an Erie injury lawyer here in Atlantic City with the leading Pennsylvania injury lawyers and our colleagues from New Jersey. Together, we will continue to fight for our clients’ rights in the courtroom, in the hallways of the legislature and in the all-important arena of public opinion.

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Allison, July 8, 2017