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Erie Injury Lawyer Endorses Eric Purchase

February 27, 2014

Everyone knows that Erie injury lawyers compete with each other, right?  That’s true, of course.  After all, we’re all marketing ourselves in search of the same work.  But Pennsylvania injury attorneys also collaborate with one another.  In fact, some of our best clients are other Erie car accident lawyers who send their cases to us when a trial is necessary.  One of those lawyers recently allowed us to publish a very nice note he sent us about how helpful it was for him to be able to tell the defense lawyer (and the defense insurance company) that we’d be trying his case if they weren’t able to get it settled.

Here is what happened, according to Erie lawyer Mark Prenatt:

Eric, that case you were going to try for us settled when the insurance company found out you were going to be the lawyer at trial. I told them our bottom line and if they did not pay it, all demands were off the table and I would refer the case to Eric Purchase for trial. The next day they met our demand and the case was settled. Thanks for allowing me to use your name to increase the value of the case. Plus, I was only telling the truth…I truly believe that when they see your name on a case, [Pennsylvania insurance companies] take that into serious consideration.

Mark, you’re welcome!

We’re thrilled when other Erie injury lawyers do well for their clients.  It’s good for our Pennsylvania system of justice for injured people to be fairly compensated.  If we can contribute to that just by allowing other lawyers to truthfully tell insurance companies that we’ll be trying their cases for them then we’re happy to do that.  Of course, if the day ever comes that the insurance companies stop settling cases when they know we’re involved then we’ll be grateful to get back in the courtroom again, too!

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